Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sixteen Years Today!

October 8th is our dating anniversary.  We always celebrate each year!  Our very first date was going to the Rapides Parish Fair.  Andrew was "flirting" with a girl on the bus home from the petting barn at the fair.  Lyndon told me that we need  to watch out for the girls he goes to the fair with.  Sixteen years later we are still together and loving each other more and more.  I love you baby!!
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Fall Photo Shoot

Friday, October 3, 2008

Timothy Got His Paw Sticker!

Timothy was so excited to finally get his PAW sticker.  He has earned lots and lots of Paw Points but he has been upset because he has not received the "Sticker".  It is a goal seal like sticker with a blue paw.  He got it this morning for being the quietest one in his class, but he lost the sticker in the cafeteria this afternoon.  I will have to bum one from a coworker to put in his First Grade book.  Now he is a happy First Grader!  Thanks so much Mrs. Ambrose!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Timothy earns 11 Paws Today!

Today Timothy came home and was so proud of himself.  He showed me his planner and he had a paw point (given for good behavior) and a label with "Ten Paw Points" for no marks the first six weeks. Timothy is such a pleaser and a rule follower.  He got popcorn yesterday (for good behavior), but that did not mean much.  We did not even hear about it.  He was so excited that he gets to wear flip flops tomorrow (also for good behavior) to school with his free dress day (compliments of boxtops).  Keep up the good work Timothy!

Drew's Do!

This morning was crazy with breathing treatments, medicines to give, booksacks to pack, and the list goes on.  Timothy was a great helper and fixed Andrew's hair for me.  Andrew came into the living room and I had to laugh.  Timothy had spiked Andrew's hair up all over and put in lots of moose.  He was so cute and so proud of his hair do.  Everyone at school thought he was to cute.  I was so crazy I failed to get a picture.  His PreK teacher is wonderful and she did get one.  I'll try to get it and post it soon.  Check back.  And, thanks Timothy for being such a great big brother and helper!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andrew's Girlfriends

Andrew is a cute boy with blonde hair!!  Last week a sweet girl in his class came in and looking at his attendance picture turned over said "There is a boy here and he sure is cute!"  She smiled at Mrs. Tullos.  She came to my room to find that "cute boy".  Andrew did not give her the time of day, but instead continued playing on the computer.  

A sweet girl in my class also commented this week that Andrew was cute. She even talked of her dreams of him.  She found him on the playground today and was chasing him around.  She finally caught him and laid a big kiss on his forehead.  When I asked Andrew about the girls, he just smiled and blushed.  I'll have to save this story for him for when he is older and he is the one chasing the girls.

Timothy's Favorite First Grade Things!

Timothy informed me on the ride home that he loves first grade for four reasons.
1. They get to do dictionaries.
2. Math
3. His Journal
4. They get to eat anything on their plate first.

Number four is a big deal because this is the first time in his school life that he could get his lunch plate and eat dessert if he chooses.  In Pre K, Mrs. Tullos asked them to eat one thing on their plate before eating dessert.  In Kindergarten, Mrs. King made them try everything on their plate (including vegtables) before eating dessert.  He loves Mrs. Ambrose's rule this year the best!  He still eats his food first and then his dessert because he is that type of kid, but he does like to have the option if he so wishes to eat his ice cream before it melts!

He got two "Paws" today.  One for returning a pencil that belonged to someone in another class and another for being the first to listen and follow directions in the computer lab.  Go Timothy!  Way to go!

Timothy does not like first grade for one reason....he wants a PAW sticker.  They are for super behavior and can only be given to one child per class per day.  I was instructed by Timothy to ask why he has not received one at our Parent/Teacher conference on Friday.  I will ask in a nice way and maybe he will have one by next week.  I really have no idea why he hasn't gotten one yet.  We will see.  Check back soon!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shots AKA Pinches

Although today is Lyndon and my thirteenth wedding anniversary, I dreaded the day!  Don't get me wrong...I love my husband more than anything in the world, but with being a wife and now mommy I have to sometimes do more than just celebrate on this special day.  I had scheduled Andrew (now 4 and going to PreK soon!) for his back to school booster shots and well baby check-up for Monday, July 28th because I knew the 29th was our anniversary and I did not want to take Andrew to get the awful shots on our day.  Well, being the nice person I am, when the nurse called a last week to reschedule our appointment  to the 29th I obliged.  She is always eager to work us in or get a prescription called in for us so I thought it was only fair to help her out.  We dropped Buttercup (0ur new pet) off at the vet for "shots in his booty" and headed to see Dr. Moore.  Andrew thought that shots was funny and began to cakle.  I thought...if you only knew.  After waiting in the waiting room for 75 minutes watching Andrew play the gameboy he received from his MaeMae, Pa, and Nanny for his birthday, we finally got called back.  Andrew was reluctant to stand on the scale.  He did not want to measure his height.  He would not speak!  Julie, our wonderful nurse, asked me if he knew what was about to happen.  I said "NOPE!"  She then proceeded to tell me how she had been tricking children into getting shots without a fight.  I told her it was worth a try. (She remembered having to hold Timothy down a few years ago)  She told Andrew that she was going to pinch his arm and put a band aid on it.  He actually agreed.  I held his head to my chest so he could not see the needles, and being as shy as he is, he did not look!  She did two vaccines in each arm and put "Monkey George" band aid on his "Pinches".  He did not whimper or shed the first tear.  He did say afterwards that it hurt just a little.  I am so proud of my bigger boy Andrew!  He received his icee and his backpack for being such a good boy at the doctor and getting his "Pinches".  So, if you have a child needing a shot, see if the nurse will just pinch your child!  It sure worked wonders for Andrew.  And Lyndon, I love am so elated that you chose to marry me 13 years ago.  I look forward to making more and more wonderful memories with you!  I hope it is raining on Sunday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Vacation ~ New Oleans

Pool Time!
Andrew found Nemo!
Watching the Monkeys!
Timothy loved the Ferry!
Andrew enjoyed the beignets!
We recently spent some time away in New Orleans. The boys loved being in "Slidell" at the camper which included swimming daily, playing with life size checkers, playing putt putt, riding bikes, watching DVDs, doing art projects, and playing games. The board game Trouble became a family favorite. Lyndon even taught Timothy how to play chess. We went into New Orleans to visit the Aquarium, the Audubon Zoo, ride the ferry and trolley, and eat beignets. Although the weather was hot and humid, the boys faired well on a two hour trolley ride. We stayed close to home, but made memories to last a lifetime. I will try to figure out how to post a slide show in my blog and will put some additional pictures of the trip! I hope your vacation was as wonderful as ours!

Here we go!

I have been reading lots of blogs this week and figured I need to get on the blogwagon! I go. School starts in just 18 days for me and I am striving to get organized at home. I am failing. I need to clean out closets and get everything in place before the mad rush of back to school, but instead I sit with the laptop in my lap playing! I saw an image on photobucket that says a clean house equals a broken computer. How true!
My goal with this blog is to post biweekly pictures of the boys and things that they are doing at school. Timothy will begin first grade on August 11th at Lessie Moore Elementary. Andrew will begin Pre K at Lessie Moore shortly thereafter. To answer your question...NO he will not be in my class. He will be in the best Pre K teacher in the parishes class...Mrs. Tullos!
I just tested adding a picture. It was slow uploading, but easy to do. I think blogging is for me! Until next time...