Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sixteen Years Today!

October 8th is our dating anniversary.  We always celebrate each year!  Our very first date was going to the Rapides Parish Fair.  Andrew was "flirting" with a girl on the bus home from the petting barn at the fair.  Lyndon told me that we need  to watch out for the girls he goes to the fair with.  Sixteen years later we are still together and loving each other more and more.  I love you baby!!
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Fall Photo Shoot

Friday, October 3, 2008

Timothy Got His Paw Sticker!

Timothy was so excited to finally get his PAW sticker.  He has earned lots and lots of Paw Points but he has been upset because he has not received the "Sticker".  It is a goal seal like sticker with a blue paw.  He got it this morning for being the quietest one in his class, but he lost the sticker in the cafeteria this afternoon.  I will have to bum one from a coworker to put in his First Grade book.  Now he is a happy First Grader!  Thanks so much Mrs. Ambrose!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Timothy earns 11 Paws Today!

Today Timothy came home and was so proud of himself.  He showed me his planner and he had a paw point (given for good behavior) and a label with "Ten Paw Points" for no marks the first six weeks. Timothy is such a pleaser and a rule follower.  He got popcorn yesterday (for good behavior), but that did not mean much.  We did not even hear about it.  He was so excited that he gets to wear flip flops tomorrow (also for good behavior) to school with his free dress day (compliments of boxtops).  Keep up the good work Timothy!

Drew's Do!

This morning was crazy with breathing treatments, medicines to give, booksacks to pack, and the list goes on.  Timothy was a great helper and fixed Andrew's hair for me.  Andrew came into the living room and I had to laugh.  Timothy had spiked Andrew's hair up all over and put in lots of moose.  He was so cute and so proud of his hair do.  Everyone at school thought he was to cute.  I was so crazy I failed to get a picture.  His PreK teacher is wonderful and she did get one.  I'll try to get it and post it soon.  Check back.  And, thanks Timothy for being such a great big brother and helper!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008