Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andrew's Girlfriends

Andrew is a cute boy with blonde hair!!  Last week a sweet girl in his class came in and looking at his attendance picture turned over said "There is a boy here and he sure is cute!"  She smiled at Mrs. Tullos.  She came to my room to find that "cute boy".  Andrew did not give her the time of day, but instead continued playing on the computer.  

A sweet girl in my class also commented this week that Andrew was cute. She even talked of her dreams of him.  She found him on the playground today and was chasing him around.  She finally caught him and laid a big kiss on his forehead.  When I asked Andrew about the girls, he just smiled and blushed.  I'll have to save this story for him for when he is older and he is the one chasing the girls.

Timothy's Favorite First Grade Things!

Timothy informed me on the ride home that he loves first grade for four reasons.
1. They get to do dictionaries.
2. Math
3. His Journal
4. They get to eat anything on their plate first.

Number four is a big deal because this is the first time in his school life that he could get his lunch plate and eat dessert if he chooses.  In Pre K, Mrs. Tullos asked them to eat one thing on their plate before eating dessert.  In Kindergarten, Mrs. King made them try everything on their plate (including vegtables) before eating dessert.  He loves Mrs. Ambrose's rule this year the best!  He still eats his food first and then his dessert because he is that type of kid, but he does like to have the option if he so wishes to eat his ice cream before it melts!

He got two "Paws" today.  One for returning a pencil that belonged to someone in another class and another for being the first to listen and follow directions in the computer lab.  Go Timothy!  Way to go!

Timothy does not like first grade for one reason....he wants a PAW sticker.  They are for super behavior and can only be given to one child per class per day.  I was instructed by Timothy to ask why he has not received one at our Parent/Teacher conference on Friday.  I will ask in a nice way and maybe he will have one by next week.  I really have no idea why he hasn't gotten one yet.  We will see.  Check back soon!